Pumpkin Oval Seeds (कद्दू)


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Embark on a journey of home gardening excellence with Pumpkin Oval Seeds, the foundation for cultivating robust and flavorful pumpkins. These seeds, sourced for their exceptional quality, promise a harvest of oval-shaped delights that add both visual appeal and culinary versatility to your garden. Elevate your gardening experience with Pumpkin Oval Seeds from Nursery Kart, your trusted partner in fostering thriving green spaces.

Product Name: Nursery Kart’s Harvest Jewel Pumpkin Oval Seeds


  1. Sunlight: Provide your pumpkin plants with full sunlight exposure for at least 6-8 hours daily to ensure optimal growth.
  2. Watering: Maintain consistent moisture in the soil, especially during dry spells. Water the plants at the base to prevent fungal issues.
  3. Fertilization: Apply a balanced, organic fertilizer during the growing season to provide essential nutrients for healthy vine development and fruiting.
  4. Pest Control: Monitor for pests regularly. Use natural remedies or organic insecticides to protect your pumpkin plants without harmful chemicals.

Germination Temp/ Soil Temperature: Pumpkin Oval Seeds exhibit optimal germination at soil temperatures ranging from 60°F to 85°F (15°C to 29°C). Ensure a warm and well-drained soil environment for successful germination and plant establishment.

Sowing Months North: In Northern regions, sow Nursery Kart’s Harvest Jewel Pumpkin Oval Seeds directly into the soil after the last spring frost, typically from late May to early June. This timing aligns with the warmer months for robust vine growth.

Sowing Months South: For Southern regions, the ideal sowing period extends from March to June. Early planting takes advantage of the milder climate, ensuring an extended growing season and a fruitful harvest.

Sowing Distance: Plant pumpkin oval seeds about 1 inch (2.5 cm) deep, spacing them approximately 3-4 feet (91-122 cm) apart. Allow sufficient room for the sprawling vines to ensure proper air circulation and facilitate easy harvest.

By Nursery Kart – Nurturing Your Green Dreams into Reality.

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