Syngonium Starlite Plant Variegated


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Syngonium Starlite Plant Variegated: A Celestial Beauty


Introducing the Syngonium Starlite Plant Variegated, a celestial beauty that brings an ethereal touch to your indoor jungle. This stunning member of the Syngonium family is renowned for its variegated foliage, resembling a star-studded night sky. Originating from the lush rainforests of Central and South America, the Syngonium Starlite is a captivating choice for plant enthusiasts seeking a unique and visually enchanting addition to their collection.


Light and Location

Syngonium Starlite plants thrive in bright, indirect light. Place them in a location with filtered sunlight to enhance the variegation of their leaves. While they can adapt to lower light conditions, providing ample light fosters optimal growth. Protect them from direct sunlight to prevent leaf damage.


Maintain a consistent watering routine, allowing the top inch of the soil to dry out between waterings. Keep the soil slightly moist but well-draining. Adjust your watering frequency based on factors like humidity, season, and the specific needs of your Syngonium Starlite.

Soil and Fertilization

Plant your Syngonium Starlite in well-draining, rich potting mix. Fertilize during the growing season (spring and summer) with a balanced liquid fertilizer every 4-6 weeks. Dilute the fertilizer to half the recommended strength to avoid overfeeding. Reduce fertilization in the dormant season.


The Syngonium Starlite exhibits a moderate growth pattern, with its variegated leaves becoming increasingly mesmerizing as it matures. With proper care, you can cultivate a lush and vibrant specimen that captures the celestial beauty of a starlit night.


Expect the Syngonium Starlite to reach a height of 1 to 3 feet, making it an ideal choice for tabletops, shelves, or as a hanging plant. Regular pruning can help maintain its compact and bushy form, allowing you to showcase its unique foliage to perfection.


Known for its adaptability and resilience, the Syngonium Starlite is a durable and enduring companion. With attentive care, this plant can grace your indoor space with its celestial charm for years to come.


The Syngonium Starlite Plant Variegated is also known as the “Starlite Arrowhead Vine” or simply “Variegated Syngonium,” reflecting its unique leaf pattern.


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Elevate your indoor jungle with the celestial allure of the Syngonium Starlite Plant Variegated. Nursery Kart is your trusted source for top-quality plants, providing expert guidance for cultivating a thriving and visually enchanting indoor garden.

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  1. Alvena Khan (verified owner)

    I ordered this plant and I received this plant after 10 days but thanks for your promise.
    der se aaye but bahut he acha laga plant healthy and clean 1 patti toot gai bas 🙁


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